Jake Woods


Jake woods is a handsome, average built man almost 6ft tall in his late twenties. He has slightly unkempt hair Max has only seem him with a 5oclock shadow and well made and high quality clothing. Jake works for a stock brokerage as a day trader and is successful enough to hold a steady job through the down and upturns of the job but still learning.


Max first noticed him in the Italian restaurant as he was playing the piano and he used his ability as a muse to inspire someone in in the audience. Jake starting scribbling things down and though often curious he generally never saw the works of those who he inspired so casually continued playing. Max encountered Jake again on the metro when he tried to talk to him briefly before apologizing realizing he stop was already here. Max didn’t think much of the encounter but the man asked him to contact him and passed him a business card. Max slightly confused wondering how he was suppose to contact him since the man didn’t know he couldn’t speak or even if he should at all and was about to toss the card but his curiosity and looking at it he noticed that it was for a stock broker, which, he did not know what that is and wondered if that was some kind of artist.

Jake Woods

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