Mute Max


Name: Max
Seeming/Kith: Fairest, Muse
Court: Autumn
Virtue/Vice: ?/?
Flaw: Mute
Flaw: Aloof
Clarity: 7
XP: 8, Spent 0

Apparent Age: 20
Fetches Age: 34

Mask: Has short raven black hair that shines brightly with kind subtle features. His eyes are striking even to those who cant see the mien they have a pure unearthly silver that generally considered to be contacts by others. He wears loose fitting dark clothing with layers and dark silken shoes.

Mien: His features stay very human just slightly elongated creatures. There are faint trails of silver throughout his skin that reflects light faintly off his skin. His eyes are brighter like molten liquid silver. His appearance holds an otherworldly beauty the lights always seem to reflect perfectly off his skin.

Mantle: Small lights of the will-o-wisp occasionally appear around him reflecting the silver throughout his mien.







Joining the Court:

Mute Max

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