Grand Vizier


Mien: A short, rail-thin man with a fairly inscrutable age. His brown hair is matted, yet he stands with a regal bearing and all his clothes appear both well-fitted and expensive. His eyes are purple and calculating, with no pupil or iris to be seen. Any exposed skin is flecked with gold, especially his hands, where the fingertips appear to be completely covered in the precious metal. His mantle carries the smell of flowers on a warm breeze.

Mask: His mask does not have to work hard, merely down-tone the unnatural elements of his mien. That said, his mien pokes through almost constantly, with mortals able to see his eyes or the gold in his skin for brief moments.


Rumplestiltskin is probably the most notable figure in the Liberty Square freehold. He holds the recognized titles of Grand Vizier, Verdant Advocate, and Archivist of the freehold. His role is to advise the four rulers, plan for all official ceremonies, as well as represent any changeling in need of legal help. He is also the foremost pledgesmith of the freehold, and many changelings come to him for aid in such matters.


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