Saint George

Drug addict Darkling


Saint George is fairly short (4’ 11") man who looks especially worn even by homeless standards. His mask is that of a half black half white man with dark brown hair, green eyes, sunken cheeks, and unhealthily skinny. His seeming contains all of the above features but his skin is much paler and he has elongated ears and long nose. Kinda goblin-y features. He often has sores, pussy eyes, irritated nostrils, or some evidence to the wear and tear of drug addiction and homelessness.


One of the changelings who took rather extreme measures to escape his durance. He quickly developed his nickname in reference to the single minded dedication to “chasing the dragon.” Even changelings hold him in rather low esteem as he spends almost every remotely sober moment finding some sort of score.

Although his drug addled mind has escaped the horrors of his Durance and removed him from most polite society he has managed to develop quite a knack for oneiromancy. He is especially skilled at gleaning small bits of prophecy from the dreams of his comrades in arms.

Currently he floats between a tent in the woods and an abandoned building he picked the lock to the back door as his preferred place to lay his head.

Saint George

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