Changeling the Lost

Digging for leads
Session Notes

(I think my timeline of events got a bit muddled, feel free to edit this if you want)

The motley split up to continue their investigation. (I think someone checked out a crime scene but didn’t find anything useful?) Mark and Sarah canvased the area around one of the crime scenes asking if anyone recognized the man in the picture Rumpelstiltskin had “dropped” and were informed by an elderly local woman that he had bought her coffee at the Air and Space the week before. Mark also talked to DayDay about getting a P.I. to find the mystery man.

Mark went home to sleep off a long night of work. Michael went to the museum to speak with the cafe employees regarding the man but though they recognized him, they were unable to provide any more useful info. In the meantime, Alice and Sarah investigated another crime scene and found a hedge gate nearby and a strange black rose a few minutes walk away. Max, Derek, and Michael joined them to investigate the hedge gate. Upon their return to the area, they noticed another changeling going through the gate. The party followed him through the gate and down the path deep into the hedge.

During their pursuit, the party came across what seemed like a young Swimmerskin in distress. Due to their suspicion of anything in the Hedge, the party offered to help her only if she agreed to a mutual non-aggression pledge. The young girl refused and ran off into the hedge. Sensing a possible trap the party continued after the suspicious changeling from the crime scene gate. Upon finding and confronting him, they learned his name was Danny and he had entered the Hedge as part of a challenge he recklessly made with the Summer court champion Damhnan and had just used his usual means of entering the Hedge, not considering how close the gate was to the scene of the murder. Upon hearing about the Swimmerskin, Danny insisted on trying to find her and the party agreed to help. As they were in the process of making a pledge to that end, Markus appeared.

Into the Hedge!
Session Notes

The session began with the Autumn court receiving secret correspondence. The motley was then called to meet up at 6 (well 7 first) before the 8PM meeting being held by the Winter Queen.

Most of the party did something or other to recover more glamor.

We arrive at the crime scene of Alice Snow. There was a blood trail that ended with a white chalk outline of Alice Snow, over the fence at a residence. The blood trail lead over the fence and onto the property into what we the Motley discovered was a hedge gate. Marc searched for footprints and tracks and found a size 10 men’s imprint that indicated a decent amount of weight and spacing indicates a leisurely pace. However this may be a red herring left unitentionally by police investigators.

It was decided that the party would continue into the hedge to see if we could gather additional information or tracks from the killer. Michael Thorton offered to run and grab some reinforcements while the rest of the group explored the Hedge.

We followed the tracks and were ambushed by to briar wolves (hobgoblins). Mark, Mute Max, Derrek and (Jeremy’s Character) managed to fell the beasts but were then surrounded by eerie purple eyes. Mute Max recognized them as belonging to Rumplestiltskin, the Vizier. Rumplestiltskin offered his hospitality and food from his Hollow in exchange for the story as to what brought them there.

The party consented, shared their food. Then Rumplestiltskin left a photograph and said “oops, I must of dropped it.” Marc took the photograph, then left the Hedge minutes after we entered. We caught up with Michael Thorton and attended the meeting.

The Winter Queen addressed the crowd about the murders of Penny Peg, Brick, August Everfright, and lastly Alice Snow. Each had been from a different court, each died in a different manner. Accusations then began to fly as to who was responsible for which death and what their grievance was. Damnon was accused by a Spring court Fireheart (no name) of the murder of Alice snow.

The winter Queen called order to the court and asked if anyone had any information to bring forward. Marcus strutted boldly to the throne of the Winter Queen and then taking a cue from the absence of his motley mates and the glare of Rumplestiltskin he decided to announce the founding of “Marc’s Motley!”

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And so it Begins...
Session begins

Someone, or something, is revealed to be stalking Changelings in the freehold. Four- Penny Peg, August Everfright, Alice Snow, and Brick- Have been found dead. Fear grips the freehold.
The characters ban together to form a motley pledge for the lunar season.


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