Additional Rules

In addition to the rules presented in Changeling: The Lost, I will also be using some of the rules derived from Changeling: Rites of Spring:

-A changeling who harvests more points of Glamour in a single roll than she has dots of Composure is treated as though she had consumed a dose of one of the drugs described on p. 177 of the World of Darkness Rulebook. The effects of the drug will match the type of emotion harvested.

-A changeling who harvests more than 10 Glamour in a single roll must make a Resolve + Composure roll or be treated as though he had consumed a hallucinogen. Treat the hallucinogen with a strength of 1, with an additional point of strength for each additional amount of Glamour equal to his Composure, to a maximum strength of 3. This effect counts as taking a hallucinogenic drug for Clarity purposes.

-We will also be using the rules for harvesting from dreams presented on p. 64 of Rites of Spring. This will count as one roll for the purposes of the above rules:
Dice Pool: Usually Wits + Composure + Wyrd. The Storyteller may choose to substitute a different pairing of traits if he deems it appropriate to the dream.
Action: Extended (variable successes needed, each roll represents 30 minutes of harvesting)
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The dream turns against you, and you lose one point of Willpower. If you are reduced to 0 Willpower, you awaken and lose any successes accumulated.
Failure: You make no progress toward harvesting Glamour from the sleeper’s dreams.
Successes: You make progress toward harvesting Glamour from the sleeper’s dreams.
Exceptional Successes: Not only do you make extraordinary progress in harvesting Glamour, you gain a +1 bonus on any attempt to harvest Glamour from the subject (not just his dreams) for the next month. This bonus does not stack on the same dreamer.
At the beginning of your attempted harvest, declare the number of points of Glamour you wish to harvest from his dreams. This number is the number of successes you must roll. If you exceed the target number, you harvest all the points of Glamour you declared, but if you don’t meet that target number before the sleeper wakes, you harvest no Glamour at all. Remember that each roll represents a half an hour of real time; within the dream, it may seem as though many hours or only a few seconds have passed.
You may initiate a dreamscaping before you begin your harvesting attempt in order to create a dream you can harvest with your choice of Trait pairings. You cannot change Trait pairings midway through your attempt at harvesting; if you do, you lose all accumulated successes. Likewise, if another oneiromancer scours the dream to 0 Intensity, you lose all accumulated successes
-5 Reducing the amount of time per roll to 5 minutes
-3 Reducing the amount of time per roll to 10 minutes
-1 Reducing the amount of time per roll to 15 minutes
+1 You have analyzed the dream from which you harvest Glamour
+2 You have a Glamour-producing pledge with the sleeper

-A changeling of Clarity 8 or higher chooses one of the following benefits. A changeling who drops below Clarity 8 and then regains it may choose a different benefit.
*The changeling receives a +2 bonus on all rolls related to sensory perception
*Whenever the changeling encounters an illusion or similar effect that would alter his perceptions, he may roll Composure + Wyrd as a reflexive action versus the dice pool rolled to activate the power. If the changeling rolls more successes, he sees through the illusion automatically.
*The changeling gains a +3 bonus on Social Skill checks made to oppose another’s Subterfuge check.
*Once per story, the changeling automatically succeeds on a single degeneration check to avoid losing Clarity. Use of this ability must be declared before making the roll.

-For every two points below Clarity 7, a changeling chooses one of the following drawbacks. You may choose the same drawback more than once, and the penalties stack. A changeling who regains Clarity and then falls below a threshold may choose a different drawback.
*The changeling suffers a -1 penalty to perception rolls.
*The changeling suffers a -1 penalty on opposed Social rolls made to oppose Subterfuge rolls.
*If the changeling is subject to a power or ability that affects her perceptions, he suffers a -2 penalty on the opposed roll or reduces the relevant Resistance Attribute by 1 for purposes of resisting the effect.

Additional Rules

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