Changeling the Lost

Session 9/5

Mark approaches the party as they are making a pledge with the Spring Court Fireheart, Danny, to search for and rescue the fish-girl changeling that had been spotted in the session prior. After sorting out the particular wording of the pledge we began tracking the girl from where we last saw her.

From there we got promptly lost being very deep in the hedge. A cricket (not named Jimminy) eloquently offered to lead us in the right direction of the girl if we would listen to his advice when offered within a reasonable time and place, until the next moon. Then everyone, except Alice gained the language merit for ASL so that we could communicate with Mute Max.

We found the girl in the clearing underneath an Ooze Willow. Being cautious, Marcus moved the girl and Danny a safe distance away from the tree, stabilized her, and began carrying her out of the hedge. Max of course, collected a sample of the “sap” or “ooze” that the maple was dripping.

There the cricket left us on a path leaving the hedge. While on this path we happened upon a little girl who looked exactly like the one we found near the “ooze maple.” Alice responded with holding both little girls at gunpoint and one accused the other of being a witch in disguise. During the bickering Marcus broke his ax and demanded silence. Stating that we can sort this out at a less ambushed by monsters-y place.

After progressing farther toward an exit, Danny pressed the issue. He stated that he did not want to bring a doppelganger monster into the real world with the girl and Max devised a test using his Iron jacks. When touching the iron jack it dispelled the illusion momentarily and Sarah noticed. Initiative was rolled and IT WAS ON!

Gunshots flared, claws were extended, axes were dunked and the hag was last hit by Sarah’s cold hands. Tusks showed up to congratulate us on the kill and lead us out of the hedge to tend to the wounds of the little girl. We were picked up and brought to a community center where Charity tended to the little girl. Inara and Archer came, being informed by Rumple, that the little girl (Mae Mae to Inara) was injured. Marcus ate all of the food in the kitchen then went with Jeremy to collect some money for a gunrunner. Sarah tagged a house to get a major hit of glamor.


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