Kaiya Starchild

Summer Queen


Mien: Kaiya Starchild is a stunning woman, bronzed skin, long black hair, and fierce red eyes. Her flesh glows softly with starlight. Her mantle distorts the air around her, and viewers can see a heat shimmer coming off of her body.

Mask: Kaiya has green eyes in her mask, but every now and then a mortal can see the vague heat shimmer that surrounds her.

Crown: in the summer months, Kaiya’s crown manifests as a wreath of blindingly bright golden spears encircling her head.


Kaiya has only been the Summer Queen for a year, and in that time she has struggled to maintain her rule. Before Alexander’s death, she was a simple Knight at Arms in the ranks of Summer. The day after his death, the summer crown appeared on her brow, and the court was in outrage. Certainly there were far more powerful and popular candidates for ruler, but Summer had chosen Kaiya. Since then she has fought off social attacks, physical assaults, and assassinations. In the year she has strengthened her connection both to her court and Summer’s roiling heart, and is just now beginning to solidify her position as Queen. Without a doubt, she is the weakest of the four rulers, but she has gained the loyalty of both her Iron Seneschal Maxwell, and the Red Victor Noble Champion Damhnan- powerful allies indeed.

Kaiya Starchild

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