Claire Higgins

Perky, DC artist/con-artist.


Claire is a young, attractive mortal artist that Max see’s fairly regularly down in DC. Often times she is attempting to sell art pieces, jewelry and other various things she has made or acquired though she is not a great artist she has a talent that should be fostered. Max notices that she seems to have a side job as a pickpocket having witnessed it while he was performing once though she only targets well off people and avoids grabbing things of high value.


Max saw her a few times in the streets and she seemed to know how to take care of herself. One night as he was heading home for the evening he saw her with a guy pressed against the wall. She screamed at the man to let her go and he tried to press himself harder against her when Max picked up a rock and threw it at the man. Though he missed the noise caused the man to notice him and loose focus on Claire so she kneed him in the groin and the two slipped away as he was knelt over in pain.

Claire Higgins

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