Mrs Charlotte Montgomery

Old lady down the street


Charlotte Montgomery is an elderly woman who carries herself with the confidence and dignity of a politician’s wife. She breaths confidence and smiles easily. She keeps a clean house and won’t let her arthritis or recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease slow her down. She does her best to cover her joint pain or any of the tremors she experiences and talks gregariously to any who’ll listen.


Charlotte was born in 1948 in Congress Heights. She took pride in her graduation from a women’s college and married Thomas Montgomery early. Together they were incredibly active in the Civil Rights movement. Her husband entered local politics and became a political force in Ward 8.

In their townhouse they hosted Mayors, Congressmen, and even foreign dignitaries. Charlotte loved playing the hostess and raised three children with her husband. Sadly, last year, Thomas passed of heart disease. Charlotte still gets visits from her children, their children, and her young great grandchildren but such visits are usually restricted to the weekends as the family has “spread out” over the years. Now she lives alone in her townhouse with no one to bake her “famous Pecan Pie” for.

Mrs Charlotte Montgomery

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