Noble Champion Damhnan

Red Victor


Mien: Damhnan is, without a doubt, beautiful and impressive. His limbs are long, clean, and elegant, his eyes are deep green and piercing, and his body is toned in a perfect expression of male beauty. A red dragon tattoo coils up each of his arms, the heads snarling at each other on his shoulder blades. His nails are long and sharp, reminiscent of a dragon’s claws. His mantle bathes him in a golden aura of heroism, always shining in flattering way off his body.

Mask: Damhnan is not as unearthly beautiful in his mask, and his nails appear more normal.


Damhnan is one of the most notable members of the freehold, and his feats are endless. Who can forget the time he bedded his own Queen, not even stopping to shoot the hobgoblin assassin that had come for her? Or that time when the bridgeburner tried to destroy the Summer trod, and he lept off the parapet, blowing a kiss to the crowd as he took her sword and cut her down? Or most notably, during the Syzygy attack two years ago, when he single-handedly fought both of The Twins With Stars in their Eyes and put out both their eyes with a single thrust? These stories and more constantly circle the freehold, and Damhnan himself delights in retelling them.

Noble Champion Damhnan

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