Rowan Oakenhand

Gilded Vernal King


Mien: Rowan appears as a striking man in his early 30’s with a cleanly shaven face. He appears mostly mortal, except for his arms and hair. From his shoulders down his arms are made of thick, twisting oak branches that separate at the end into his fingers and thumbs. His hair is a long mess of vines snaking down his back. His eyes are a striking green, and a thick, golden torc rests around his neck. Out of the corner of the eyes, though, one can see flecks of gold in his eyes, on his branch-arms, or in his clothing. When he steps on bare earth, flowers spring up instantly. His mantle wraps around him, enveloping others in a sense of liveliness and urging them to drink and rut and party.

Mask: Rowan appears much the same in his mask, except with very thick, strong arms. His weird pokes out occasionally, causing one to see his arms as thick branches, or the same golden flecks that changelings see.

Crown: When ruling the season, Rowan’s brow supports a vast, wooden antler with flowers of every color under the rainbow.


Rowan has been king for a long time, but it is no secret he only recently joined The Charmed Circle, one of the Eldritch Orders. Two years ago, during the Syzygy attack of The Twins with Stars in Their Eyes, the Summer King Alexander was killed on the battlefield by their lieutenant- a giant cyclops. The changeling army was decimated, and began to rout. Rowan hefted the fallen king’s Iron Spear, and with one hurl pierced the cyclops’s eye. He turned back to the army, roused them with an impassioned speech and led the charge to drive the Others back into the Thorns. A month later, he returned to Court with the Gilded Torc around his neck.

Rowan Oakenhand

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