Sarah Michaelson

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Name: Sarah Michaelson
Seeming/Kith: Elemental, Snowskin
Court: Summer
Virtue/Vice: Fortitude/Wrath
Flaw: Behavior Blind

Age: she was taken by the Fae at 16, it’s been about 1-1.5 years since then but after her time in Faerie she’s probably closer to early 20s.

Mask: Sarah appears to be a very pale young woman, skinny and taller than average. Parts of her skin appear to have a blueish hue but on closer inspection are just areas where her veins show through her pale skin. She has platinum blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and angular features. Her skin is very cold to the touch.

Mien: Before being taken to Faerie, Sarah was a short girl. Her time there left her taller but very stretched, her limbs unnaturally long and thin, tapering to elongated and pointed fingers and toes. Her face is also unnaturally long and feature sharp. Her skin fades from white to blue and is translucent with an icy sheen. Her eyes are the same piercing glacial blue as those of her Mask. Her straight hair, though blonde in her mask, appears pure white in her Mien and hangs in ice coated clumps as though frozen by freezing rain. She reminds those who look at her of icicles.

Her Summer Court Mantle (1) adds a sense of bright sunlight to her seeming, giving the impression of a sun lit icy landscape on a clear winter’s day.

Sarah usually wears some variation on jeans and a t-shirt as she has few if any reasons to dress more formally in her life. As she is accustomed to the cold of her Keeper’s land in Faerie, she generally wears as little as she can get away with without attracting undue attention to avoid over heating (i.e. jeans and a light jacket in winter, tank top and shorts in summer). She always wears a little silver snowflake pendant around her neck.

Shortly after her return, Sarah procured a reasonably passable fake I.D. from one of the higher end dealers in such goods, most of whom’s clients were rich undergrads looking to hit the bars. It actually has her photo and bares the name Rachel Newbern, age 22. This is all the progress she has made towards building herself a new identity in the mortal world and if anyone gives Rachel Newbern more than a cursory inspection it will be plainly obvious that she is a fake identity.

Her father is Swedish, her mother American. She has a sister, Tiffany, who was born 2 years before her. Sarah was always the baby of the family and somewhat coddled by them, especially her sister.

Sarah was stolen for her musical ability. Not her skills with the violin but rather the music inside her that she expressed through her improvised tunes. Her Keeper brought her to Faerie and, stripping her naked, left her out in the piercing cold with an shard of ice shoved through her chest and into her heart. As the days past, the cold, which at first felt like thousands of tiny needles stabbing every single nerve in her body, gradually lessened. Eventually the chilling wind just felt like a pleasant tickle and she began to hum one of her little tunes, the icicles of the frozen waterfall she had become tinkled pleasantly.

Main Goal: Sarah is plagued by a nagging feeling she left something important behind when she fled from Faerie, but she can’t remember what. She is actively trying to remember her time there and is searching for anything that will help her do this.

Sarah was a shy, quiet girl. She didn’t make friends easily and was often picked on by the other kids in her grade. The one girl she was close to was her older sister, Tiffany. Tiffany was always there for her baby sister, pushing the hurdles in Sarah’s life aside and picking her up when she’d fallen down. Sarah may have been able to overcome these challenges on her own, but with Tiffany on her side she never needed to try.

There were two major things that could get Sarah to come out of her shell. Music and snow. She played violin in her school’s orchestra but what she really enjoyed was improvising melodies. There was something poetic about ephemeral nature of it. Like snow, it was a fleeting moment of beauty that faded and left you with only a memory. Sarah would often stay up late when it snowed, staring out at the falling flakes.

On one such occasion during a particularly strong storm her junior year of high school; Sarah was leaning out of her open window, transfixed by the blizzard outside. She closed her eyes, listening to the soft sounds the snowflakes made as they landed. She began to imagine the storm was playing music for her. The beat of the snowflakes, the whistle of the wind, the soft singing… Her eyes flew open as the realization struck her that she wasn’t imagining it. Someone was playing music out in the snow. She squinted into the swirling mass of white that had replaced the woods behind her house but couldn’t make out where the music was coming from. Finally she slammed her window shut and grabbed her winter coat and snow boots before heading out into the storm. Sarah didn’t hear her sister (home for winter break) calling to her as she raced out.

As with many changelings, Sarah doesn’t remember what happened to her during her Durance. She does remember returning to the mortal world during the first major snow storm of the following winter. She had spent several years in Faerie but when she stumbled out of the woods and into her back yard, not much had changed. She started for the back door, desperate to be home again, when she hear a violin playing through an upstairs window. She stopped and looked up to see a figure in her bedroom window playing Pachelbel’s Canon in D. As much as she loved to play, Sarah hated that piece. She liked new, fresh music. Canon in D was about as far from that as it was possible to get. Now she stood frozen in the snow, so close to her old life, watching herself playing that awful song. This couldn’t be the real world. It must still be the nightmare she was struggling to wake from. She ran.

Joining the Court:
When Sarah joined the changeling community, she spent the first few months with the Winter Court. She was afraid not only of recapture by the True Fae but also of life in the real world. Taken as a teenager, she’d never had to face the challenge of providing for herself, and most of the challenges she had faced were usually pushed aside by Tiffany. Now she was alone with no one to protect her and monsters waiting for an opportunity to drag her back into Faerie. What’s more, she felt a terrible, nagging sense of loss, like she’d left something behind in her escape. Hiding, both from the Fae and her confused grief, seemed like a great idea to her. However, as Sarah began to find her feet in the world, she realized that real life wasn’t as scary as she’d thought. Her fear was replaced by an icy rage. Rage at the True Fae for stealing whatever it was they’d taken from her, but also rage at herself for always letting others fight her battles for her. Well, that ended the day she became a member of the Summer Court.


Sarah Michaelson

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