The Dreaming Shade

Max's Dream Shade


The dreaming shade is thought to be a memory of a distant friend that helped Max escape Arcadia though the details are hidden in shards scattered in his mind. The shade spoke once to him and it sent shivers across Max and the cold chill of lost memories on the verge of breaking fighting against the clarity and fear of remembering. However so long as it is not speaking Max enjoys the shades company within his dreams as he feels a warmth, like that of a friend and companion from the shade. Max has noticed that the shade appeared and watched Katherine wearily before disappearing into the dream when she first entered his dream.


Max remembers little of this shade at this time only that it has spoken to him once and warned him to keep holding on when he first escaped the hedge and helped find strength in wandering until he came across the freehold.

The Dreaming Shade

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