Wilhelm Schmied aka The Dark Smith

Sarah's boss


Wilhelm is a rather grumpy old man in his late 60s with a thick German accent. He is rather short, standing only 5’1" tall though his slight hunch makes him seem shorter. He has very long pointed ears sticking out 6" or so from his head and black eyes that glow red with non-existent reflected light. His skin is grey, darkened by years of accumulated soot from his labor in Fearie. Wilhelm has short grey hair and scraggly facial hair somewhere between unkept stubble and a true beard. He does not put much effort into his appearance.

Wilhelm’s mask hides the more unnatural elements of his appearance from mortals. Changing his skin tone from grey to light pink with a layer of grime, his eyes merely dark with an slightly odd reflectance, and his ears a normal length with a more natural curve to them.


Wilhelm originates from a small coastal town near Hamburg, West Germany. He returned there upon escaping Faerie and lived there has happy as one of the Lost can be, working as a mechanic. Few in his current freehold of Liberty Square know his reasons for leaving West Germany and emigrating to the States, as this is a subject he flatly refuses to discuss, though the tragic death of his love, an elemental Waterborn, is the popular rumor.

In the thirty or so years since his arrival in D.C., Wilhelm has established himself quite nicely, setting up shop as a pawnbroker and turning his skill with metal from fixing cars to fixing items. He has recently hired a young Snowskin (Sarah Michaelson) to work the register in his shop, and he may have some more interesting tasks for her if she’s competent. He’d never admit it but he’s rather fond of his new employee, though he thinks her decision to leave the shadows of Winter for the fires of Summer was foolish.

Wilhelm Schmied aka The Dark Smith

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