Tag: NPC


  • Claire Higgins

    Max saw her a few times in the streets and she seemed to know how to take care of herself. One night as he was heading home for the evening he saw her with a guy pressed against the wall. She screamed at the man to let her go and he tried to press himself …

  • Jake Woods

    Max first noticed him in the Italian restaurant as he was playing the piano and he used his ability as a muse to inspire someone in in the audience. Jake starting scribbling things down and though often curious he generally never saw the works of those …

  • The Dreaming Shade

    Max remembers little of this shade at this time only that it has spoken to him once and warned him to keep holding on when he first escaped the hedge and helped find strength in wandering until he came across the freehold.

  • Chess Fields

    Chess is an intelligent and a bit cocky business man that has his hands in both legal and illegal weapon trade. He is slightly paranoid and his business transactions tend to be viewed with forethought and he always tries to have backup plan and backup …